Children’s Media Use, Co-Use, and Family Member Relationship Quality Over Time: The role of Socio-Economic Status
Annaliese Grant1
1University of Wisconsin–Madison
A host of research has traced the variety of impacts children’s media time has on child wellbeing. Much of this research attends purely to the amount of time children spend with media, without addressing the various family and social relationships around children during their media engagement. Work that does explore the role of media in larger family dynamics and relationships often ignores documented inequality in media time by socioeconomic status. This research seeks to bridge the two literatures, using time diaries from the Child Development Supplement to investigate SES-based differences in the relationship between children’s media co-use and child-reported relationship quality with their co-using family members This helps to understand some of the positive aspects of family media use from an inequality perspective, and gain more information about the ways low-income families may form and maintain relationships differently from middle-income counterparts.