Migration as a Driver of Cultural Change: Evidence of Culinary Integration from Facebook Data
Carolina Vieira1, Sophie Lohmann1, Emilio Zagheni1
1Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Different waves of migrants have adopted norms of the host society while also bringing cultural diversity to the destination country. While key for understanding societies, measuring culture and its evolution has been a complex and elusive goal. We contribute to the literature by leveraging a new and rich data source, Facebook data for advertisers. We focus on food as a cultural marker and develop a metric of distance between immigrant groups and the populations in the sending and receiving countries. Our preliminary analyses focus on the case of people from Mexico, Italy and Japan in the USA. We document heterogeneity in the process of integration and how that has affected culinary interests in the USA. As we refine our methods to account for sources of bias and to validate our data with external sources, we also expect to expand the analysis to a larger set of countries.