At the intersection of adverse life course pathways: the effects on health by migration status
Silvia Loi1, Peng Li1, Mikko Myrskyla1
1Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

We analyze how intersections of migration status, and three main adverse life events, job loss and divorce/widowhood, affect the individual health trajectory. We apply fixed effects models to data from Germany to estimate the main effects of job loss and divorce/widowhood on self-rated health. We present the differential immigrant-native age trajectory of health decline; the estimated mean age of the immigrant-native health decline trajectory crossover; the effect of job loss on the differential changes in health by immigration status. Compared to natives, migrants show a health advantage at young ages, a faster health decline with age, a disadvantage at older ages; an age at crossover of ~40; a stronger effect of job loss on health changes; stronger short- and long-term effects of job loss on immigrant health, compared to natives. Further analyses will include intersectional effects of job loss, divorce and widowhood.